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ARMSWARE: Bound Book Tracking is a Year 2000 compliant program, developed to provide complete and comprehensive control of your BATF Bound Book. ARMSWARE: Bound Book Tracking allows you to quickly track, search and analyze all of your firearm acquisitions and dispositions with the familier point-and-click interface of Windows ®95.

          With today's increasing need for information quickly, firearms manufacturers, dealers and resellers find themselves in a position of having to further adapt their business to the ever increasing requirements of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF). ARMS, a product dedicated to the firearms industry, helps you manage the inquiries, tracking and production of BATF compliant records, including the NTN (NICS TRANSACTION NUMBER). This unique ID number is assigned to each NICS check which must be recorded in the FFL licensee's Disposition Records as well as on the Form 4473. ARMSWARE: Bound Book's combined abilities of tracking, searching, and reporting gives the small, medium, and large firearms manufacturers, dealers and resellers access to required information quickly. This reduces your expense in time and in money spent in the day to day management of BATF record keeping.

The National Instant Criminal Background Check System, a permanent provision of the Brady Act became effective November 30, 1998. This instant check is to determine whether the receipt of a firearm by a prospective transferee would violate Section 922 of Title 18 United States Code or State Law. Our software is designed to meet the NICS requirements. When ARMS Bound Book is used in conjunction with our integrated Point of Sale and Inventory Management modules, ARMS offers a complete turnkey solution for any size gun reseller with just one or many registers. Designed for intuitive operation, ARMSWARE: Bound Book can be used as a stand-alone system or integrated into ARMS StoreFront.

BATF Compliant Reporting
Customer Purchase History
Ability to Print Serialized Barcode Labels
User Friendly and Intuitive Interface (Windows)
Instant Search Ability on Various Criteria, i.e. Item, Serial #, Customer, Vendor, Make, Model, etc...

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