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With ARMSWARE: Inventory Management, users have the power of a complete inventory management system with the ability to define, edit, and analyze both firearm and non-firearm inventory items.   ARMSWARE: Inventory Management defines each inventory item's cost method (FIFO, LIFO, Average Cost), unit of measure; assign serial numbers to inventory items; list vendors that supply a particular item; and facilitate physical inventory counts.  The ARMS: Inventory Management  and the comprehensive features of ARMSWARE: Point of Sale and ARMSWARE: Bound Book completes the idea of seamless exchange of information between modules.

Firearm Specific Features Include:                                                          

User defined class tables with restrictions for age, ID,  and Law Enforcement items, etc. Entry of serialized firearm items prompt for make, model, caliber, barrel length etc… in BATF compliant order. Advanced Firearm Search feature for instant access to on-hand firearm availability (optional).

Standard Features Include:

Physical Inventory; Sales Analysis Graphs / Reporting; kit assembly; multiple price levels; purchase history from vendors; sales / cost of goods reports;  bar-coded inventory for receiving and physical count; ability to search by item, description;  handles both serialized and non-serialized items; commission levels;  inventory adjustments. 

Key Benefits

BATF Compliant Reporting
Customer Purchase History
Ability to Print Serialized Barcode Labels
User Friendly and Intuitive Interface (Windows)
Instant Search Ability on Various Criteria, i.e. Item, Serial #, Customer, Vendor, Make, Model, etc...

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