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The procurement function is a critical part of today’s business environment. Companies worldwide have a need to keep inventory levels at their minimums while insuring the availability of necessary materials and supplies at the lowest possible cost. Maintaining strong vendor relationships and negotiating for favorable pricing can make the procurement function a profit center in your business. It’s a tall order simplified by ARMSWARE: Purchasing & Receiving. Purchasing & Receiving gives you the power of flexibility and control you need to make the right decisions to keep your competitive edge.

With the implementation of ARMSWARE: Purchasing & Receiving, the ARMSWARE system completes itself with complete cross module integration, any information completed in the Point of Sale, Bound Book or Inventory, directly impacts the Automated Ordering application.  Any orders placed will directly impact the Inventory and Point of Sale, allowing you the luxury of being able to give prompt service to your customers.  As with the modules (Point of Sale, Bound Book and Inventory) of the StoreFront product, by adding the Purchasing & Receiving your business will have all the components to manage and grow your firearms business.

Key Benefits

Serialized Purchase Receipts
Vendor Purchase History
Automated Purchasing
Extensive Reporting i.e. Receiving Report, Goods Due Report, Purchase Status reports, Barcode Printing

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