The Solution

Most Information System Solutions today require multiple components, often from a variety of product vendors, operating in harmony with one another. The process of system integration is the optimization of these disparate vendors and components toward the construction of a seamless solution. Unlike these software vendors, ARMSWARE provides fully integrated turnkey solutions. A turnkey solution includes planning, purchasing, installation, training and support, everything necessary to implement an Information System Solution to your workforce.

The Benefits

An Information System Solution is a major business investment, and one which must be carefully evaluated in order to identify all of the costs. Most businesses do a good job of determining the cost, but frequently they forget to quantify the benefits which can result from the purchase of a proper computer system.

Ask the following question about your business: “What are the things a new system and new software can help me improve and what is the value of each improvement?”. It is difficult to be perfectly accurate about benefits in any business, but examples of some common and frequently achieved savings and revenues are listed below.

  • Improved Inventory Control – This is an excellent area in which the proper system can frequently provide dramatic savings. Turning inventory faster can save large sums of money, and with the proper inventory system the computer can help by providing an up-to-the-minute picture of your inventory levels, identify slow moving items, highlight good sellers, and help order new merchandise as needed.

  • Increased Profit – This is another benefit you can reasonably expect to occur and to provide additional justification for a computer system. You could perform automatic on-line credit checking, evaluate which orders need the most attention, create invoices on demand, and rapidly answer your customer inquiries.

  • Improved Accounts Receivable – A/R collection provides another area for direct savings when the computer is installed with an effective system to automatically record every sale, payment, and credit.

  • Improved Customer Service Level – can provide additional revenue by reducing the number of lost sales which occur because of stock-outs, lost orders, late deliveries, unfilled backorders, and incomplete shipping instructions.

The benefits to owning our ARMSWARE: StoreFront should be carefully considered. We have frequently discovered that there are many more areas of justification discovered by the company executives once they begin to look for benefits using an Information System. Very often the acquisition of a specialized computer system designed for a specific business, will be one of the most profitable decisions a company will ever make.